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Unfortunately, in the health care industry customer service has been largely neglected.  Patients are, most of the time, left confused about how to obtain care, what their next step is and how much it is going to cost, or for Canadian Patients how long they are going to wait. 


We are a group of entrepueners who understand that behind quality, customer service is paramount to our sucess.  We approach every patient as an opprotunity to show our genuine care for their needs and to make sure we provide a valuable service that allows them to move forward with their unique healthcare situation. 


This is why our guiding priciples are:

Fast Appointment Availability

Fair Prices

Respect and Genuine Care for Our Patients. 

Messages from Our Patients

"Thank you very much for your prompt services and radiologists report.  It was very thorough. This will help with my treatment  and I am very pleased that I had this opportunity to use your services."  -Winnipeg

"I would like to thank you for a great experience on getting the MRI. Everything went smooth, we were in out and in out and back across the border in 45 minutes.


"Very happy with the service, it was very affordable, two days from making appointment to the actual MRI as opposed to a six month wait in Winnipeg."   

"Thank you for sending this to me.  On Saturday night, I felt like I had won the thank you, thank you."


"The care and service we received were outstanding. Mum's doctor received the MRI results within two days and was able to allay her fears relative to any permanent injury. Mum actually felt some pain relief after the procedure due to the adrenalin rush that she experienced."


"Thanks for all your help.

I am most grateful.
The reason I used your services is that one can wait up to one year for an MRI

In Canada."


"Thank you for the great service."


Thanks kindly. The service I received was excellent, and am glad I spent the money to save me the six to twelve months of waiting.
With the ongoing pain I am having, and reading the report, it seems I am destined for surgery for repairs. Finally good to know what is going on.
 I definitely will not hesitate to use your services again, thank you.
Thank-you, and your entire team out there in Pembina, as I was fortunate enough to see my doctor at the Pan Am pain clinic today, and already got a phone call from the Neurologist office at Health Sciences Centre later this afternoon. The MRI has expedited a potential treatment plan, and I have encouraged others from Winnipeg to consider paying for the MRI in Pembina, if they want to take control of their health care!
 Thank you for the MRI and the results, your staff was very good and considerate to deal with. I will be letting other people know about your service.
Thank you so much! I am so impressed with the efficiency of Pembina High Field MRI. It was a great experience, and Emma was fantastic. I will definitely share my good experience with others.
Thanks again! This looks great.
Thank you very much for your prompt and friendly service. 
Thank you Bobby. It was a great pleasure using your service – I will be recommending it to others.
Thank you.   Quick and easy.  The tech was very nice.  Would recommend it anyone.
Thank you...nothing but good things to say about your service.
I feel very relieved I got some information thanks so much.
I really found this worth the couple of bucks to get it done with you rather than wait 6 months for a "free" test done here.
I will definitely recommend you if I know of anyone waiting a long time for an MRI.
Thanks,I feel very relieved I got some information thanks so much.
Thank you very much.  That was quick.  Thanks again.
I would like to say  that your tech was very professional and helpful.
Great service you provide.
Thanks for the report. I really appreciate the service. I will have a chat with my doctor to determine the course of action. 
Thank you, the experience was smooth and quick! Take care.

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